Money Money Money: Ultra-Rare Team Fortress 2 Item Sells for $5,500

People really love their cosmetic items. Yesterday, Steam user and apparent Team Fortress 2 enthusiast Majine sold the ultra-rare “Golden Frying Pan” to another user, Noir (who I assume is this individual), for $5,500 . While it may not be as outrageous a sale as the DOTA 2 courier that sold a few weeks ago, playing free-to-play games seems more profitable than ever.

According to a comment Majine made on his own Steam Profile page, he won the item by playing Team Fortress 2′ Mann vs Machine game mode which, for the uninformed, is a wave-based TF2 game-type against computer-controlled robots. He was randomly awarded the item specifically for completing a “Tour”, which is a set of in-game missions. As far as Majine knows, his Golden Frying Pan will likely be the only one sold for quite some time.

As far as the Golden Frying Pan’s attributes go, they’re all strictly cosmetic. According to the Team Fortress Wiki, unlike the regular frying pan, the Spy and Engineer can equip it. That said, it takes-on the attributes of any class’s base melee weapon (i.e. The Golden Frying Pan is functionally identical to the Engineer’s basic Wrench).

We’ve reached out for a few comments from the lucky user who obtained, and has now sold the item, but as the item he was selling was so rare, he’s become somewhat of a celebrity, and has blocked communication from the public until things cool down a bit.

While I can’t see myself being on the buying-side of one of these stories (like I have the money to), each time I read about one of these sales I get the sudden urge to play the game in discussion. With the release of this story, and others like it, there will likely be a huge influx of newbies in both the DOTA 2, and Team Fortress 2 communities.

(Special thanks to Neogaf user TCKaos for posting about the trade)