Square Enix Online Store Sale Begins

Square Enix has started off their Thanksgiving sale with some surprising offers – like A PHYSICAL COPY OF CHRONO CROSS ON THE PS1 for only $7.50. This is one of the best JRPGs ever, and you may never have a chance to own a pristine copy of it at this price again. Other PS1 sales include Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy Chronicles for $7.50 each as well. Modern deals include Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition for $15 instead of $40 on both the PS3 and 360 – that same price also applies for the Hitman HD Trilogy. FF XIII and XIII-2 are $10 each, but the biggest modern savings comes from Metro Last Light’s LE – it will only cost you $20 instead of $50. Sleeping Dogs is down to $15 – so slightly below average for its price now. The Tomb Raider Trilogy will only cost you $7.50, while the PC version of the reboot is $15 and the console version is $20. The Kingdom Hearts series gets some savings, with the PS2 entries costing $10, the 3DS incarnation costing $15, and the 1.5 Remix of the original down to a mere $20. FF XIV: A Real Reborn is down to $20, while Saints Row IV is $30 on consoles.