Watch Donkey Kong/Charles Martinet Hit on a Chick in the ’90s

Old video game footage is awesome. The industry used to not be all social networking and flashing lights, but instead a more serious business fronted by adults born before computers who were just discovering its potential. Thanks to Toad.T, many of these moments have been preserved and are now being digitized. One of the best videos we’ve seen was uploaded today and features ten minutes of footage from the VSDA expo in 1994. Not only are there some great shots of booths and merchandise, but about half of the video features Donkey Kong hitting on a girl. To be more accurate, a animated floating head of Donkey Kong on a computer monitor. He tries to pick her up and “get her hot” by naming state-of-the-art Nintendo titles like Tetris and Illusion of Gaia. The kicker? It’s actually Charles Martinet.

After interacting with her on the showfloor for about ten minutes, apparently he liked her enough for the staff to bring her back to the secret booth he was in, where he has a motion capture mask on and continues to hit on her saying “the show is closing early.” Of course it’s all in good fun and something that any respectable business would be afraid to do now.

Check out the fun (DK starts at about 4:37) below: