Battlefield 4 Down to $20 or NFS Rivals for $25 on Origin

EA’s got quite a turkey day savings for anyone wanting to play Battlefield 4 for cheap. It’s on sale for $30 right now, but if you go to DPGamer (which is easily the worst-named site in eons), you can generate a $10 off coupon for the Origin store. If you enter a proof of purchase code, like 497D79 or 4979P3 from GrabtheGames, you can then add the game to your cart, then apply your coupon, and get it for $20. This is the best price the PC version will be at for a little while, and is a great way for folks who used the Humble Origin bundle to get BF 3 to get BF 4 for cheap if they loved BF 3 there. This deal applies for anything $30 and above – so if you want to get NFS Rivals for $25, you can.