Steam Autumn Sale Day Two Deals

The second day of Steam’s autumn sale is upon us and it brings savings on big releases like Final Fantasy VII and Dark Souls. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition can be yours for $8 – down from $20. Dark Souls gets a massive 80% savings taking it to $6 instead of $30. While conventional wisdom may say to wait on a daily deal until the end, it’s safe to say that this game won’t drop beyond this price for quite a while. Dead Island: GOTY Edition  will set you back $5, while the complete franchise including Riptide and its DLC is only $12.50 – the better overall deal by far. In keeping with the survival theme, Don’t Starve is only $5, while a two pack is $7.64.


The iconic Final Fantasy VII is down to $40 instead of $12, bringing the revamped PC version to its lowest price yet. Game Dev Tycoon is $5 instead of $10 – and seems like a game that will get greater savings down the line, so you may want to pass on that for now. Papers, Please is 50% off – taking it to $5. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is also down to around $5, with a 66%  – the better deal is the complete pack for a shade under $7. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is down to $10 – getting a 75% discount from $40. The DLC is also on sale, but only at 50% – taking it to $3.50 and $2.50.