Three Pokémon You May Not Fear But Should

There’s no doubt that some pokémon are designed to look as destructively powerful as they are. Pokémon like Garchomp, Gyrados and Salamence look every bit their part as the destructive forces they represent. There are a few pokemon whose look belies their potential to wreak havoc on your carefully constructed and trained team.   Some of the less experienced Pokemon wifi battlers may not see them coming, but it’s pretty much guaranteed after one battle with these sleepers you will recognize them for the threat that they are.



Look at this thing. It is undeniably nestled firmly in the cute but useless tier, right next to plusle, minun and others of its ilk right? Wrong. Cinccino is dangerous and if left unchecked will run roughshod over entire teams, leaving the opposing trainer with a dumbfounded look in their face sliently expressing “I just lost to what?” Why is Cinccino so dangerous? Skill link coupled with pretty deadly speed.  Skill link turns any 2-5 hit move into a guaranteed 5 hit move. Not only does this guarantee heavy damage, but it also hits through focus sashes, substitutes, multiscale, and sturdy. Rock blast, and bullet seed have decent coverage with Tail slap getting the stab boost and uturn giving Cinccino a viable exit strategy. Strap a life orb or choice band on with proper EV investment, and Cinccino will his you a lot harder than its fluffy scarfed appearance lets on. Cinccino may not be a top tier threat, with steels giving it a particularly difficult time, but it can give major problems to an unprepared team and should not be underestimated.




When I first ran across Gorebyss, I laughed. Then it shell smashed, and I lost. Badly. Gorebyss doesn’t just represent a deadly force on its own either, as it has access to baton pass and can shell smash then baton pass out to yet another deadly force that is likely to be your team’s undoing.  Even then, it doesn’t have to do that. Gorebyss is quite capable is wiping out unprepared teams on its own, with surf being the reliable stab attack and Hydro pump being the higher power gamble. Ice beam is there to take care of dragons and/or any grass types that may feel like they can comfortably switch in to Gorebyss’ water move based (possible) sweep. Looking at Gorebyss, it has no business  being as strong as it is and looking at its stats supports that conclusion, but shell smash is not just deadly on Cloyster, but Gorebyss as well who not only can use it for itself but also any other deadly sweeper that may baton pass in.



OK so Kangaskhan isn’t exactly the least threatening looking pokémon. But with the advent of mega evolutions, Kangaskhan has been powered up to basically the point of being “broken.” Of course I don’t say that lightly, and I’m certainly not the only one that feels that way. In fact I would argue that Kangaskhan is the most powered up pokémon from a mega evolution relative to its base form in X/Y. Why is that? Not just parental bond (the ability Kangaskhan gains from mega evolving), which allows it to hit twice giving a good boost to attacks, but also the fact that it has access to power up punch.  Power up punch in conjunction with parental bond doubles the attack boost Kangaskhan receives with the move. So battles with mega Kangaskhan go pretty much like this: Mega Kanghaskhan power up punches, you hit Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Kangaskhan sucker punches you down. Basically on par with substitute Mega Blaziken (or base Blaziken for that matter), it should realistically be only allowed in the “free battles” on wi-fi battles. Base 125 attack with a double attack boost is no joke and can lay the smack down on just about anything even with neutral damage, not to mention the fact that mega Kangaskhan can easily throw out another power up punch and quadruple boost. So no, Kangaskhan isn’t exactly the weakest looking pokemon, but it also doesn’t have a design that correlates with the terror that Mega Kangaskhan represents.