Details Emerge For ‘Star Wars: Battlefront for Xbox One’

Since it was first teased at this year’s E3 that Battlefield developer DICE would be developing the new Battlefront game, we’ve not only been giddy with excitement, but we’ve been looking for every bit of information released for the upcoming title.  And, well, now we have something. The Microsoft Store website currently has a listing for “Star Wars: Battlefront for Xbox One.” The page includes the following description:

“Relive and participate in all of the classic Star Wars battles like never before. Play as one of a number of different soldier types, jump into any vehicle, man any turret on the battlefront, and conquer the galaxy, planet by planet.”

I guess if you’d like to be reductive you could say “That description works for every Battlefront game!”, but really, there’s some good information in those three sentences. For one, we’ll likely be battling-it-out in maps across the Star Wars timeline, which is reassuring. And the “Galactic Conquest” mode from Battlefront II will likely be making a return. The main question that remains is: when does it release?

And… that we don’t know. The page displays a place-holder date of 12/31/13, which, of course, gives us no real idea of when the game will come out. However, interestingly enough, the game is available for pre-order on the site.

There are still tons of questions to be answered, of course. Will it be multi-platform? We can only assume, but with EA seeming to side so strongly with Microsoft, could it be exclusive to Xbox One? Will it release so far in the future that the environments of Star Wars: Episode 7 will make an appearance? Hopefully we’ll have answers for those question, and more, soon.