Crazy Cat Lady Simulator Mew-Genics to Simulate Other Variety of Crazy With Hoarding Mechanics

In a blog post yesterday, Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen explained that he has a problem, feature creep, which has resulted in the game’s new furniture system, inspired by the likes of Animal Crossing. Like Animal Crossing, you’ll go to your local shop (hoarders R’ us) daily to buy whatever Baby Jack happens to have on sale and help him free his grandma from her self-created tomb of accumulated tat. Unlike animal crossing, the furniture you buy has tangible gameplay benefits. Each object will passively buff the rate at which your cats procreate and mutate, how long they live, how often they get sick… the list is purportedly quite lengthy.

Yes, Edmund McMillen has a problem, and he’s doing everything in his power to make sure you develop one too. With these passive buffs, the game is actively encouraging you to stuff your house with as much crap as humanly possible. To top it off, there are furniture sets to collect, and rare variants of every single piece of furniture in the game (set to be over 750) that have alternate art and amplified effects. You can sink hours into building your dream home, and then filling every open nook and cranny with junk. Stack this haphazardly onto an already addictive looking cat breeding system, and you’re looking at a game that isn’t shy about wanting to give you a case of the crazy.