Cyber Monday Brings Massive Savings For Sonic Fans

Amazon’s got an unbeatable deal on Sonic games right now. To celebrate cyber Monday, every Sonic-related game available on their PC download service can be yours for a mere $15 in the Sonic Everywhere Pack. This gives you 17 items, including both Sonic All-Stars Racing games, both Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Generations, Sonic CD, and both Sonic 4 episodes. If you only want a few games, you can get them if you want – Transformed would only be $5 buying it here, but the best overall value is definitely to get the whole thing. Even if you’ve already got the games on a console, this bundle’s a great way to pass some time on a trip with some AAA-level Sonic games. This same bundle is available as the Sonic Hits Collection on Steam itself if you’d prefer to pay with Paypal.