NVIDIA Shield Gets $250 Cyber Monday Price at Newegg – Comes With Extras

The Shield isn’t just a phenomenal wrestling group producing top-quality matches on a weekly basis, it’s also the moniker given to NVIDIA’s streaming gaming device that doesn’t just allow you to stream PC stuff to it, but can also play Android apps on a full-sized controller with a little tablet screen as well. The controller has gotten rave reviews, as has the device as a whole – and now it can be yours for $250 on Newegg. That doesn’t just you the device, but also a $40 carrying case, a T-shirt, and a two-month trial of Hulu Plus via an e-mail code. If you’ve been interested in it, this will probably be the best overall deal for it unless the market for it totally bottoms out, or Best Buy does some kind of crazy half-off sale randomly like they did for the Neo-Geo X not too long ago.