OUYA Cyber Monday Sales Take Console Down to $90

If you’ve been thinking about the OUYA console, but didn’t want to risk $100 on it, maybe you’ll be down with spending $90 – because that’s what the company’s Cyber Monday sale takes it down to. Unfortunately, the company didn’t put the swank white edition of the system with double the on-board storage on sale as well, but at $90, the 8GB of on-board storage (really closer to 7GB of usable space) is well worth dealing with since you can expand it for music and the like via a thumb drive. You’ll also get a $5 game credit buying the system via the official site, and $5 can go a fairly long way. It’ll take a nice chunk out of Towerfall’s price, and completely play for some games like the new Gears of War/Bastion hybrid Meltdown. If you’d prefer to buy the system via Amazon and get it super-quickly as a guarantee, then you’ll want to check out their lightning deal good for most of Cyber Monday – it’s available for the same $90 price tag. We’re big fans of the OUYA here – if you’re a fan of indie gaming or hobbyist development in general, it’s a system you’ll feel a kinship to.