Peggle 2 is Coming to Xbox One Soon

In most cases, activities involving balls hitting other balls take place in secluded stalls in gym locker rooms — you know, because that’s where I go to unwind and play Peggle. What did you think I was referring to? Perverts.

It was announced by way of a Venture Beat preview that Peggle 2 will be available to download for Xbox One owners on December 9. The classic gameplay is making its return, bringing an all new “Masters” mechanic to the mix. One such Master is Jeffrey, an alcoholic troll with the power to drop boulders on lines of pegs. Evidently, Jeffrey comes equipped with his bare-ass and an upbeat attitude.

Unfortunately for Peggle 2, Angry Birds Star Wars already launched its mobile goodness onto next-gen consoles. Fortunately for Peggle 2, Angry Birds Star Wars on next-gen consoles is terrible. Peggle 2 will include 120 levels packed with optional objectives and the familiar formula we know and love, all for the low price of $11.99.