PS4 Becomes Fastest-Selling Console Ever in UK

For those who did not know, the PS4 launched in the UK and other European countries last Friday.  Analysts expected the console to sell extremely well and Sony met those expectations.  Official sales figures are out thanks to the UK Charts and history has been made.

We don’t have the numbers yet, but it has been confirmed by Track-Chart that the PS4 beat Sony’s personal best; the PSP.  PSP debuted in 2005 and sold a total 185,000 units.  PS4 has reportedly sold 250,000, though this hasn’t been confirmed.  Track-Chart also noted that the PS4 beat Xbox One, which isn’t a good sign for Microsoft considering that the UK has always been a stronghold for the Xbox brand in Europe.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was revealed to be the best-selling PS4 exclusive in the fourth spot, which beat the debut of all the Xbox One exclusives released last week.  Knack, which didn’t crack the Top 10, still managed to beat critical darling Super Mario 3D World despite lackluster reviews.  Overall, it looks like Sony is doing very well with the PS4.  We’ll have to wait for confirmation on sales numbers for the UK, the rest of Europe and Latin America before we can get a good picture of just how well the PS4 is doing.

The PS4 is Sony’s entry into the eighth-generation of video game consoles and competes directly with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.  The console launched November 15 in the U.S. and Canada and November 29 in Europe and Latin America.  Japan won’t get their hands on the console until February 22, 2014.

Thanks, Eurogamer!