Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day Slashes Price on Rocksmith 2014 and AC IV

For December 12 only, gamers can get massive savings on the current-gen/PC versions of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and the basic Rocksmith 2014 games on Amazon. AC IV gets a 50% drop down to $30, while Rocksmith gets a slightly less impressive drop down to $33. This deal extends to downloadable versions of the PS3 and PC versions of AC IV and a PC/Mac download of Rocksmith. While the savings for Rocksmith seems a tad random in its price, if you’ve got already got the cable and other equipment from the original that isn’t included in the base game on sale, then this is a pretty big savings for a new game. If you don’t already own that cable, then it doesn’t seem like you’re saving much unless you can get one cheap on ebay or something like that since it’s required to play the game.