Ridge Racer Skips PS4 Launch, Coming to Mobie Devices with ‘Slipstream’

Every time a new PlayStation has launched, there’s been a new Ridge Racer. Even when the 360 and DS launched, there was a new Ridge Racer. It’s become an instant launch day pick-up that many…well not so many…gamers simply expect. So when the PS4 was revealed, racing fans became disillusioned as there was no Ridge Racer announced. As the launch grew closer, it became clear that this would be the first Sony console launch to forgeo the Japanese drift racing franchise. So what’s happening to Ridge Racer? It’s going mobile.

Ridge Racer Slipstream was today revealed and brings with it a new racing engine specifically designed for mobile devices. The game boasts 10 unique racing tracks (that can be driven forwards or backwards), music and customizable cars. We’re not sure how a drifting game with such subtle nuances will work on a touchscreen, but we’ll find out this December when the game is released for Android and iOS.