Lobodestroyo is a Throwback to Platformers of the Past

Remember when you were younger, huddled in front of the television playing those goofy Nintendo 64 games? There is still hope for those days to return. A Kickstarter campaign for Lobodestroyo, a game inspired by Rareware titles such as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, has launched.

If you visit their page, you’ll be treated to a hilariously narrated concept video. It starts with a short intro about the mighty warriors of Costa Lucha–the Lobodestroyo. But everybody from the pack has gone missing except the runt of the litter, Mutt. To make matters worse, every member of  La Liga de Los Villanos has escaped prison. Every hero needs a sidekick, his is something you wear though. Dorado is the spirit of a legendary luchador now residing inside Mutt’s belt. The two heroes have a vast land to explore with plenty of unique areas to wander. Throughout the game, Mutt will gain new abilities a la Mega Man and Metroid. Now, Mutt will prove himself worthy and rescue his family as well as smackdown any evil-doers.


Lobodestroyo is developed by Lefthanded Studios who have worked together for a number of world-famous companies; Planet Hollywood, SeaWorld, Nickelodeon and Lucasfilm are just a few from their list. With enough backing, the game will be made available for Ouya, Wii U, PlayStation, Xbox One and more. There is only a week left to reach the first goal, after that it’s smooth sailing. The game’s concept and art design, even the music samples are fantastic recreations of the ’90s titles we all love.