PS4 Users Have Used Share Functionality 6.5 Million Times

Sharing has been a key pillar of the PS4 experience ever since Sony announced the console back in February.  It was so key to the platform that a dedicated share button was added to the controller allowing players to begin sharing footage with the press of a button.  So it should be no surprise that sharing is one of the most used features on the console.

PlayStation Europe tweeted that users have used share functionality 6.5 million times, impressive figure.  It is unknown if this figure represents the worldwide install base or just Europe.  PS4 has only been out in North America for three weeks and almost a whole week in Europe and South America, but it appears that fans are really digging its features.  Just a few days ago Sony revealed that the console has so far sold 2.1 million units worldwide.

The PS4’s share functionality allows users to stream gaming video straight to Twitch or your Facebook account.