Stasis: A Promising Looking Sci Fi 2D Isometric Point and Click Kickstarter Project

Isometric seems to be making a bit of a comeback with games like Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, and Project Eternity  (to name a few) looking to bring back the oft warmly remembered player perspective. The isometric perspective does not need to be used solely for RPG’s however as indie developer Christopher Bischoff aims to prove with his promising looking Kickstarter Project: Stasis.

Stasis aims to be a 2D, sci fi horror, isometric perspective point and click adventure set in space.  Judging from the art posted on the Kickstarter page it looks like it will achieve that, with an aesthetic that just oozes creepy and sets the tone for the game very well. Not only that, but composer Mark Morgan has signed onto the project and while his name might not immediately ring a bell, his previous work certainly will. Perhaps you’ve heard of Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas? How about Planescape Torment? Those games, as well as a few others you might recognize are part of his resume, which basically guarantees that the musical score will just meet or exceed the atmosphere that is set forth with the excellent art style.


The project has been fully funded with less than 48 hours to go, but if this sounds interesting be sure to swing by the Kickstater page and maybe help Bischoff hit his stretch goals (or check out the playable alpha) of an extended soundtrack and an extra chapter of gameplay.