Ultra Street Fighter IV to Shoryuken Players in June

At long last, Street Fighter fans, and general fighting game aficionados, can rejoice today knowing that Capcom have finally revealed that the next iteration of the Street Fighter IV series will launch this coming summer. The big C announced that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV will release as a digital upgrade to the tune of $14.99 each in June 2014. PC players will be able to thrown down on the action, as well, but will have to wait until August to get their mitts on the game.

But that’s not all Capcom have planned for Street Fighter in August; they will also be releasing full digital and retail versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV, for those folks who never got around to picking up any of the already existing Super Street Fighter IV entries (which, by our count, is about six people). The full version will set players back a cool $39.99 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and only $29.99 on PC.

Wondering what’s new with USF4? Well, let us break it down for you. First up, the game will include five new characters from which to choose (Poison, Rolento, Elena, Hugo and an unannounced fighter). Secondly, the title will feature new mechanics such as Red Focus Attacks that can absorb multiple hits, delayed wake-ups and the option to select both Ultras for a single character, just at the cost of dealing lesser damage. Lastly, every single character in the game is being re-balanced, making for more competitive matches on both a casual and serious level.

If you somehow haven’t checked out Street Fighter IV, Ultra is looking to be the best way to experience it. With all the new features and roster re-balances, there doesn’t seem to be a better entry point into the series. Just do us a favor and don’t scrub with Ryu and Ken all day long online; we get it, you can pull off the hadoken — now get in line with the rest of the Internet.