Skull Kid Confirmed As An Assist Trophy In New Smash Bros.

Nintendo has always been good at teasing us with little scraps of info for a Smash Bros. game whenever a new title comes out, and the upcoming game for the Wii U/3DS has been no exception. As we approach the deadline, Nintendo keeps giving us any little morsel they can to tide us over, and earlier this week they gave us a new assist trophy that will be featured in the game. Confirmed by the official site and Masahiro Sakurai himself, Skull Kid will be making an appearance in the game. Unfortunately for all the huge Skull Kid fans out there (both of them), he will only be showing up as an assist trophy, and not a playable character.

For those unfamiliar with the Smash Bros. series, assist trophies are “trophies” can be picked up during the course of a fight and will “assist” the fighter that picked them up during combat. Perhaps not the most creative name, but they are useful for turning the tide of battle. No details were made known on how exactly Skull Kid will impact the battle once activated, but my guess is it will make your opponents remember how awesome Majora’s Mask was and they will leave to go play that instead. Or he’ll do some random attack and cause damage. Either one are equally likely at this point.