GOG Announces Comprehensive Money Back Guarantee

GOG is probably the biggest digital distributor that doesn’t have to directly fight against Steam. That’s because, on GOG, the focus is primarily on classic PC games. Steam is known for sometimes leaving older games on their catalog from being fixed for newer computers, but GOG’s main goal is keeping retro games accessible on modern OSes. However, GOG isn’t perfect and sometimes users are left with non-functioning products.

Today they have finally announced a worldwide money back guarantee that covers all GOG products in all regions. As long as you have purchased a game that is said to work on your computer in the last 30 days then a support ticket can be sent to them. If they are unable to fix the error, then your game is refunded with no further questions asked. Although it is possible to get refunds on other services such as Steam, it’s taken on a case by case basis rather than guaranteed.