Indie Horror Game Kodoku Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2015

Of all video game genres, it seems that horror is the one that has had a major rebirth in the past few years. We’ve seen many games of the type releasing left and right, although most of them are on PC. Both the PS4 and Vita libraries are currently massively lacking in much of any survival horror titles! Sensing this, independent developer Carnivore Studio has begun work on a new horror game for both platforms.

Called Kodoku, this new game will focus on stealth and magic over providing the player with copious weapons. Spells themselves will be created by crafting. Ghosts that manifest on the island are taken straight from Japanese folklore, lending to an overall creepy atmosphere.

Unfortunately, neither PS4 or Vita owners will get a shot at Kodoku anytime soon. As of right now, Carnivore Studios has set a tentative launch for early 2015.