Pachter: PS4 Sold Half-a-Million More Units Than Xbox One In U.S.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has given his estimates for November sales.  While we won’t know official numbers until the NPD Group releases sales data, it is very likely that Pachter’s estimates are close to the actual figure.  This would mean that Sony has a good lead on Microsoft in the U.S.

“We expect hardware sales of 1.25 million PS4 units and 750,000 Xbox One units in their debut month,” Pachter wrote in Wedbush Morgan’s November 2013 NPD Preview Report.  While not a death sentence by any means, it is worrisome considering that the U.S. was Microsoft’s seat of power during the previous generation.

Sony has already confirmed that they have sold 2.1 million units worldwide.  Microsoft has avoided releasing any numbers outside of the initial 1 million sold worldwide in 24 hours.

Pachter has also estimated sales of the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.  The Xbox 360 sold 700,000 and the PS3 sold 550,000.  Not bad at all considering all the hype for the next-gen consoles.  The Wii U sales are estimated to be disastrous with only 150,000 units sold.  It looks like not even a 3D Mario could push sales.

We’ll post the NPD Report the moment it becomes it available.

Thanks, Videogamer!