Respawn Debuts New Ogre Titan For Titanfall

The VGX Awards were a huge dud.  Sprinkled into the large amount of terrible jokes, reveals for games that we already know a lot about and a few awards handed out were a few genuine surprising reveals.  One of those was for Titanfall, a game that has kept a lot of secrets close to its chest.

The other night Vince Zampella showed up at the VGX awards to show off a brand new Titan.  For those unaware, Titans are huge mechs that soldiers can call down from the skies to aide them in battle.  They can either be controller by AI or piloted by the player.  So far only the standard Titan has been revealed, but that all changed.

This brand new Titan is called Ogre and serves as a tank unit.  It can take massive amounts of damage, but its agility is severely limited.  It is best used when the player needs to increase their chances for survival and help absorb damage to give allies a fighting chance.

Titanfall is out March 11, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.  Check out the Ogre Titan in action below: