Race the Sun Crosses Steam’s Finish Line

Remember a while back when Race the Sun had a Kickstarter and then a Not on Steam sale?  We quite liked the game, but facts is facts and one of the worrying truths of PC publishing is you need to be on Steam.  There’s an exception or two poking around, of course, but if you want to make a living at making games then Steam is a necessary component to survival.  Well, as of today Race the Sun has finally landed on its new distribution home, complete with a 25% savings to entice you (yes, you!) into experiencing its entrancing speed.

Race the Sun, short version- fly a solar-powerd ship across an endless plain as the sun sets, and if you can survive the clutter that’s between you and the horizon you can fly as long as the light remains.  Boosts are generously scattered throughout, which give a burst of speed allowing you to push the sun back into the sky at the expense of making the hazards zip by even faster than they were already going.  Pick up blue triangles for points and multiplier, and try like mad to earn the highest score out of the longest possible run.  The terrain changes daily, and while the obstacles are created from pre-made sets of challenges, more are being added all the time to freshen up the run.  Everyone plays the same course, so the leaderboards are both a fair comparison of skill and a new quest for the top spot every day.  If you tire of the daily grind, however, you can create your own worlds and upload them for everyone to share.

Even shorter version- Race the Sun is a great little arcade game that easily encourages one more run to the ever-more-dangerous horizon, because that high score isn’t going to set itself.  It’s been a long time getting to Steam, but now that it’s here the daily leaderboard competition should be pleasantly fierce.