Wii U Games Added to Club Nintendo for December Rewards

Club Nintendo’s December update sees four new digital games available for redemption. First up is Mario’s Picross and Starship Defense for the 3DS. Priced at 100 and 150 coins, respectively, Mario Picross is a twist on the classic puzzle game with over 250 puzzles that originally debuted on the Game Boy in 1995, while Starship Defense is a DSiWare strategy game that features 30 challenging levels. Mario’s Picross retails or $3.99 on the service normally, while Starship runs $4.99.

Perhaps the most exciting news, however, are the other two games which mark the debut of digital Wii U rewards. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Balloon Fight are now available for 150 (normally 600 Wii Points) and 200 coins (Normally $4.99), respectively. Both classic NES games, they need no introduction. While they’re perhaps not the most exciting games, it’s refreshing to know that Nintendo isn’t ignoring their latest console in the program anymore.

Head over here to check the games out.

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