Steam Machines Shipping to Lucky Steam Users on December 13th

Steam’s official unveiling of Steam Machines and the Steam Controller were a huge deal earlier this year. The Machines, which will be coming from a variety of vendors, attempt to bridge the gap between console and PC players. As for the new controller, it is meant to make playing PC games without gamepad functionality simple.

When these new devices were announced Valve also shared that they would be giving away a few units to community members. As long as you answered a survey, joined the official group, and did a couple other tasks then you were in the running. If you’re one of the incredibly lucky people who was chosen, you’ll be receiving notification today at 2:00 PM PST.

There are only three hundred consoles and controllers being shipped out free of charge. They will be shipped on Friday. Hopefully the recipients will share useful feedback about Steam Machines, Steam Controllers, and SteamOS.