Watch Forty Minutes of Divinity: Original Sin

As a recap, Divinity: Original Sin is the next entry into the long-running Divinity series from Larian Studios. The game is tactical RPG that stars two different heroes that can be utilized via single player or drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer. The game was funded via Kickstarter and raised over a million dollars last April. With Original Sin’s alpha on the horizon, Larian decided to upload forty minutes of gameplay from it and turn to fans to decide if it’s ready to be released yet. If deemed worthy, it will be released on December 17.

Divinity: Original Sin is due out February 28 for PC and possibly Mac and Linux. Check out the video below, and as a bonus, click this link to listen to the song “Original Sin” by Geographer that I can’t get out of my head whenever I write about this game.