Nintendo Releases New Information About Kirby Triple Deluxe

Today, Nintendo updated the official Kirby Triple Deluxe website, which revealed new power ups and the games premise. It seems in this installment, you must climb the World Tree to save King Dedede from the evil clutches of Daranza. Similar to previous Mario games, you must collect a given number of sun stones to fight a boss and finding them all in a level will give you some sort of prize. You can also use star coins to buy key rings and open things with them.

In addition to this, the site also reveals two new powers and implies there are roughly 20 powers total. The first new power is the bell, which gives you the power to ring a bell and hurt enemies with the shockwave. This power can also be used as a shield to prevent taking damage. The other power is known as the beetle and allows you to fly, attack enemies with your horn and even catch enemies on your horn and flick them off.

Finally, Nintendo also released some videos showcasing the game and new features below.

Beetle and Bell Power up


King Dedede Minigames