Intake Gets Better With The Be Aggressive Update

As far as arcade shooters go, Intake is one of the best. With its pulse-pounding music, crazy-addictive gameplay and beautifully minimal looks, it was a fantastically fun distraction that ended up stealing a bit more of my time than I’d like to admit. In my review, I noted that it’s only major drawback was a lack of music; which is less of a complaint and more of a compliment, as the three available tracks were pretty damn good.

It seems the beauts at Cipher Prime have been listening, and also working on a few surprises. Not only have they brought two new tracks to the mix, but they’ve added a new pro challenge┬ámode that unlocks at level 50; a mode in which powerups and mercy are nowhere to be found. Toss in leaderboards for all challenge modes and some nifty Steam trading cards, and you have yourself the update of a lifetime.

Intake is available now on Steam, so stop being a pansy and ask your doctor if Intake is right for you. I heard a yes, by the way.