Sony Has Some “Epic” Announcements For E3 2014

Coming out of the largest console launch in history one would think that Sony would take a break and bask in its glory, but that isn’t what’s happening.  In fact, they’re hard at work on the future of PS4.

Senior Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth took to the PS Blog to share Sony’s record breaking news with fans.  The comments section is riddled with congratulations from fans to Sony, along with some responses from Longworth himself.  Probably the most exciting is his comment about E3 2014.

“Thanks… we’re working on them and have some epic stuff still underwraps… can’t wait for E3 now,” Longworth replied to a fan.

It’s not surprising that Sony has a ton of games underwraps.  Out of the three console manufacturers Sony is the one with the most 1st party studios, but we only know what a few of them are working on.  Sony Japan just finished Knack, Guerrilla Games finished Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sucker Punch is launching inFamous: Second Son in March and Naughty Dog is working on the next Uncharted game.  That’s all we know.

E3 2014 will take place June 10, 2014-June 12, 2014.  Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft will hold their press conferences on Monday June 9, 2014.  Expect to hear all of Sony’s big announcements that day.