Dice Seeks Player’s Help In Ending The CE-34878-0 Error In Battlefield 4 On PS4

If you’ve been keeping up with the news then you know that there are a lot of problems with Battlefield 4.  Issues have become so severe that EA and Dice have halted development on all future expansions and games in order to focus entirely on fixing the game.  Several patches have been released, but there’s one problem that keeps breaking the PS4 version.  Sometimes the game will crash and deliver users and error titled CE-34878-0.  Going back into the game will reveal that all of your saved game data had been deleted.

This error is what Dice is currently working on fixing, but they can’t do it alone.  They need your help triangulating the problem so that it can be successfully wiped from the game.  “We know that players on PS4 can get the “CE-34878-0 crash” error message,” a Dice rep wrote on Battlelog.  “This is in fact a general error code that you can receive when the game has crashed for a number of different reasons that are not related.

“You can help us to identify these individual issues by providing a few details in the crash report (we read all of them.) For example what game mode you were playing and on what map you crashed. Doing this will help us a lot to reproduce the issues and investigate fixes for them in upcoming patches.

“We are working hard to increase the stability of the game, and you can always find the latest information here in the BF4 Control Room. Many thanks for your support!”

Submitting an error report is easy.  When the game crashes you’ll be sent to a page displaying what kind off error you have.  You’ll then be taken to a screen where you can describe what happened.  Then submit.

Battlefield 4 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.