Fa’el: Beyond the Gate Has an Amazing Visual Style

Fa’el: Beyond the Gate popped up in Steam’s Greenlight Concepts category the other day and has been turning heads with its style.  There’s been plenty of neo-retro gaming in the last few years, as maybe a few too many developers try to recreate their SNES childhood, but Fa’el sidesteps the retro-burnout by exploiting a voxel engine to bring the 16-bit look to life.  It’s a pixel-art style that still allows some fun 3D camera tricks, and the developer wins instant points for calling it 2.75D because “As geometrically non-sense the term 2.5D is, I decided to use 2.75D to annoy people ;D”.  There’s also going to be a companion game for the original Game Boy called Fa’el: Beyond the Edge, and you’ll be able to import content from it via a password system. Because hey, why not?