Where is the Need for Speed Rivals 2015 Ford Mustang on PS4?

Last week, we broke news that Ford had partnered with EA to bring the 2015 Mustang to Need for Speed Rivals. While EA stated that the car would be available that day across all platforms, that failed to happen. It appeared on Xbox One almost instantly and has was added into the Xbox 360, PC and (reportedly) PS3 versions the same day. But where is the PS4 version?

It’s been over two days since the update was announced and the 2015 Mustang remains missing in action from the PS4 version. EA has not yet commented on the matter and the official Facebook page has since updated without addressing the widespread complaints from PS4 owners.

We’re not sure why the car is not available on the console when it was seemingly such a simple thing to patch in. At this point, however, it’s impossible to drive the car on PS4.