Big Surprise: Nobody Bought Kingdoms of Amalur

On December 11th, the Kingdoms of Amalur brand went to auction. As reported by Polygon, the partially developed MMO “Copernicus” was included along with the rights to a sequel. Unfortunately, there was no bite. It’s a wonder nobody decided to pick up the ball and continue the series.

Actually, it isn’t. Kingdoms of Amalur, despite receiving praise across the board, simply wasn’t a successful game. As a new IP, there was always a risk that it would sell poorly, which doesn’t account for Curt Shilling’s sumptuousness when it came to the company and its management; or more appropriately, mismanagement. Of course, a sequel would likely produce better sales now that the brand has been established, but that’s a multi-million dollar risk that isn’t worth taking with a small company. Fortunately, this isn’t the end for the RPG. While no acceptable offers were received during the auction, negotiations are in the works with multiple interested companies.

Thankfully, Rise Of Nations and Rise Of Legends managed to sell to currently unknown parties, which should ignite a spark of hope for fans. We’ve contacted Heritage Global Partners for more information regarding the sale and will update accordingly.