Indie Royale Nutcracker Bundle Available

The Indie Royale Bundle is back with a festively-named affair. The Nutcracker Bundle gets you PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate, Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold, Prime World: Defenders, Dungeon of Elements, and Legend of Fae for only about $5.50 presently. This bundle focuses on RPGs, puzzlers, and dungeon-crawling, so if you’re in the mood for fast action, this probably isn’t the bundle for you. PixelJunk Monsters has gotten rave reviews, and may be worth re-buying here if you’ve already got it on the PS3 thanks to the additional content in the Ultimate edition here. Everything in the bundle except for DoE unlocks on Steam, while everything but Prime World: Defenders is available on Desura. Those who pay $7 or more get the Street Cleaner album in digital form