Rhode Island Governor Calls Curt Schilling’s Project Copernicus ‘Junk’

Things just keep getting worse for Curt Schilling. After an asset auction last week for Kingdoms of Amalur/Project Copernicus ended with no bidders, it seemed as if there wasn’t much hope to recover anything out of the defunct 38 Studios. Cementing that notion, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Cafee said today that Project Copernicus, the flagship game under development from Curt Schillin’s defunct 38 Studios, is “a lot of junk” and expressed no surprise that it failed to garner any interest.

Of course, there may be sour grapes over the fact that the state loaned 75 million dollars to the studio, but you would think he would be more positive about an IP that could recoup at least some of the lost money from the venture if it were in actuality more than mere “junk”

Source: Miami Herald