Steam Holiday Sale Begins – Day 1 Deals Available

The holiday sale starts off with a big gun in Bioshock Infinite being available for $10, while Batman Arkham: Origins is 50% off at $25. Assetto Corsa is $30, while the Stanley Parable is $8. Dishonored is $7.50, while Monaco is down to a mere $3. Space Hulk can be yours for $10, while Dead Island: GOTY Edition is $5. Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance  makes its PC debut with a 33% discount taking it down to $20 instead of $30. The first batch of 8 hour-long flash sales takes Counterstrike: GO down to $3.74, Divekick is $2.50, Typing of the Dead Overkill is $10, and Guns of Icarus Online is $3.75.