2013 Best Nintendo 3DS Game

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Best Nintendo 3DS Game

Pokemon X Y
We don’t just have one winner, we actually have two. Hands down the best handheld 3DS games of the year are Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. They brought a much needed rejuvenation to the series and kept the feeling nostalgic at the same time. Many of us Pokémaniacs grew up with the franchise and have remained loyal enough to experience a stunning evolution. The introduction of new Pokémon, attacks, abilities, items and online play brought strategy to a new level. The world is vibrant and filled with life as you explore each route, cave and town. Pokémon X and Y kept the familiarity of previous titles but gave us a brand new perspective. Those who’ve been putting off playing this game or still think the first generation is the best, should reconsider what they’re doing in life. Play it now before all your friends become Pokémon Masters before you.

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