2013 Best Platforming Game

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Best Platforming Game

Rayman Legends
Despite this year having a lot of great platformers, no game could outmatch Rayman Legends. After starting like your average platformer, Rayman Legends really starts to shine with Castle Rock. The stage, which is your standard run to the end level, is played to the tune of Black Betty and extremely well done. This is just one of the music levels that make Rayman Legends such a memorable title. Beyond that, everything just comes together so well. Every level is lush and vibrant, with a real attention to detail. Especially on some of the later stages with some of the crazier enemies. Even when you do everything Rayman Legends has to offer, you can try your luck at the daily challenges. These randomly generated levels put your skills to the test to see how fast, far or well you can complete any given challenge. Needless to say, you could spend a year playing Rayman Legends and still have new things to do.

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