2013 Best PS Vita Game

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Best PS Vita Game

Muramasa Rebirth
While there isn’t a lot new in Muramasa: Rebirth for those who played the 2009 Wii gem — outside of the lush visuals that are merely enhanced by the high definition nature of the PS Vita — this is still a tight action-RPG experience. The localization has been vastly improved from the original, yet the gameplay itself remains very much the same — but we say that with a striking sense of adoration and appreciation. In fact, we didn’t want the gameplay to be in the slightest bit different. After all, it’s what made the game such a delight in the first place. Thus, if you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing Muramasa before, and you have a Vita, Rebirth is wholeheartedly worth playing. It’s breathtakingly beautiful in all aspects — from its combat to graphics to soundtrack to the sword-forging mechanic — this is just an immensely enjoyable game.

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