2013 Best Strategy Game

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Best Strategy Game

Disgaea D2
In a perfect world, a story of gender-bending overseers and angelic demons obsessed with gardening wouldn’t fly. It’s good, then, that Disgaea D2 exists in a world so jaded that it can’t take itself seriously enough to dismiss its own absurdity. But that’s what makes it one of the greatest games in its genre. With all of its strategic depth, Disgaea D2 offers a delightful surprise around every corner; be it with its quirky characters, an always-funny but often-hilarious story or its ridiculously deep item worlds. Disgaea D2 proves that if something isn’t broken, you can still improve it constantly and build upon its foundation without necessarily making any drastic changes to its formula. It’s the kind of functional fun that every strategic RPG strives for, but only few nail so beautifully.

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