2013 Worst Game

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Worst Game

Ride to Hell Retribution
There were some truly awful games this year. The Fighter Within, Fast & Furious: Showdown and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct were insulting at the very least. But none could top the horridness that was Ride to Hell Retribution. Quite frankly, it’s a crime that this game was even released. We originally covered the game back in 2008 when our former editor Casey Lynch was treated to a bizarre press event that was reportedly poorly convinced and even dangerous. After that, little was heard about the game and it seemed to be cancelled. Things didn’t look good back then and they looked even worse when it resurfaced in 2013 courtesy of Deep Silver. The original open world concept was trashed and instead it became mission based. The only problem is that it was abundantly clear they did this thanks to horrid pacing and a weird central hub with invisible walls. It’s unplayable in almost every regard with awful driving mechanics, worse shooting and the most laughable and offensive story in recent history. Ride to Hell: Retribution is not only the worst game of the year, but a strong contender for the worst game of all time.

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