Countdown to 2014 Xbox 360 Sale Hits Fighting Games

The Xbox 360’s Countdown to 2014 sale hasn’t gotten much attention, but may get some now thank to a few fighting game deals. The biggest value is Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for $3.74. If you’re feeling more like some Street Fighter action, then SF 3 Online Edition is also available at that price. Mortal Kombat fans with a preference for the classics can get the Arcade Kollection for $2.50, while SoulCalibur II HD Online is $10 – down 50% despite just being released about a month ago. While MKAK has suffered from online issues, it seems worth the $2.50 price tag to put up with them. VF 5 Showdown and SF 3 are some of the best fighters of all-time, and are definitely worth their meager asking price.