Minecraft U Rumored to be in the Making

While naysayers will undoubtedly write this off as nothing more than mere conjecture and then rant about how “dead” the Wii U is, most of us will take this as great news for Nintendo’s newest console. According to Nintendo Enthusiast, they have been told by a “retailer source” that Mojang has Wii U dev kits in-hand and subsequently looking to bring their mega-hit to the Wii U sometime next summer.

At the moment, it’s unclear how the game will be played, but we would imagine that the GamePad will have a pivotal role in the whole experience, which could be pretty fantastic. Of course, nothing has been confirmed at this point, so be leery of the validity of these rumors. Still, it would make sense to put the game on Wii U; after all, Minecraft is on more systems than Final Fantasy IV, and that’s an accomplishment all on its own. Nevertheless, if this all does come to fruition, it could certainly help bring some new players to the under-appreciated and under-utilized console. So here’s hoping we get some more details on this in the coming weeks.