TellTale And Borderlands 2 Deal Decided Over Tequila

There are a lot of things I do when I’m drunk that wouldn’t make sense otherwise. For instance, I use my cat’s litterbox as a bathroom because it’s slightly closer to my desk. Also, I eat frozen waffles without toasting them because doing so takes longer than I’m willing to wait while hopped-up on whatever concoction my roommate brewed, and more often than I’d like to admit, I find myself taking shirtless selfies in SpongeBob boxer-shorts. Unfortunately, none of my drunken decisions have ever resulted in a potentially amazing video game deal between two very different companies.

While I could easily assume that my lack of a video game company or a job with a video game company has something to do with it, I think it’s because I’ve been drinking the wrong type of liquor.

In an interview with Polygon, Steve Allison, senior VP of publishing at Telltale Games explained that while backstage at the Spike VGAs (2012), they were sitting adjacent from Gearbox when the ball started rolling. “We got to talking a little bit, and I don’t remember when it became, ‘we should do this thing,’ but it happened over a few cocktails.”

Although the decision was made hastily, they actually followed up on the alcohol-influenced discussion. “We could have easily left it and chalked it up to too much tequila, but we followed up when we got home,” he said. “And they remembered the conversation. The Borderlands universe has so much story potential, all those great characters. There’s a narrative there in Borderlands 2 but it serves a certain purpose, and we can serve a different purpose with it for fans of the franchise.”

Was it the liquor? The excitement of the Spike VGAs (unlikely)?  Perhaps it was simply the talent that Gearbox recognized? We may never know for sure, but what we do know is that we’re excited to see what TellTale does with the craziness of Borderlands.