Gamefly Year-End Sale Begins – Dragon’s Crown $20

Gamefly‘s big sale of the year has come up and the biggest bargain is Dragon’s Crown for $20 on the PS3. Another big deal is Metro: Last Light for $15, Anarchy Reigns, is $9, and Defiance is $5. Lost Planet 3 is $15, which could also get you the Ratchet and Claink Collection – so if you just picked up newest entry over black Friday, you can snag that and pretty much have every mainline game in the series.  Zone of the Enders HD Collection is $13, the same price as R&C: Full Front Assault, GRiD 2, and the God of War Origins Collection. Wii deals include The Last Story for $18, Kirby Dream Collection SE for $20, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn for $18.