According to PornHub, PS4 Users Are By Far The Horniest

The only thing more satisfying than a good porn app is having sex with a real person, but unfortunately, that’s not always an option. More often than not, the line between “unwilling” and “drunk enough to consider” is too costly, and by the time you’ve deposited enough drinks into whatever bar-dweller you’re creepily trying to seduce, they’ll be too sick to respond to your advances without vomiting all over your jeans, upholstery, steering wheel and face.

Thankfully, PornHub has provided the good porn app, so the art of seduction has been wonderfully reduced to carefully arranged categories and several minutes of sin. While it’s no surprise that gamers find the PornHub app useful, the statistics prove to be quite interesting. According to the Pornologists at PornHub, users with PS3’s and PS4’s are leading the race in overall PornHub traffic, while Xbox users spend the longest amount of time on the site, averaging 11 minutes and 34 seconds.

PornHub states that the bounce rate from consoles is also very low compared to that of the website itself, confirming that video gamers don’t play games when it comes to porn.