Forza Motorsport 5 Down to $40 on Amazon

Well, this is quite a shock. Next-gen stuff has been dropping to $50 fairly regularly, but $40 is the lowest brand-new price for anything next-gen yet. If you’re into the Forza series, now’s the time to pick up Forza 5. Turn 10 has listened to the complaints about the in-game economy making it a chore to unlock vehicles, and while you don’t earn a new car for each driver level gained now, you can do so after only a few races now. It’s not exactly perfect, but a fine work-around until they have more time to fix things up further. As someone who was quite critical of the game in its original form on our podcast, the changes made to it make it a lot more fun and there have been some new modes – like drag racing, added as well. For $40, it’s a no-brainer.