Dreamcast ToeJam & Earl III beta Released to the Wild

ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth was originally planned as a Dreamcast game, but what with one thing and a premature console death that didn’t happen.  It was eventually completed for the Xbox, of course, but it’s always good to see these things things for their place in gaming history.  The beta was found on the hard drive of a dev unit bought off eBay, and after a few e-mails to various parties went unanswered (which, seeing as the only legal answer is “No, and give us our stuff back!”, is as close to approval as one could hope), was released to the wilds of the internet.

This version of TJ&EIII is very much a beta, though, so you shouldn’t go in expecting a complete gaming experience.  The game gets unstable past level 9, and will eventually crash no matter how carefully you nurture it.  The main draw of playing is to see a piece of Sega history, and to compare the changes in the early version to the Xbox’s final release.  Still, it plays quite nicely simply by burning it to CD-ROM, and NullDC emulates it without any problems as well.  Head on over to the original thread where it was released if you’re interested; the Magnet link gets you a nicely zippy 93MB torrent.  At the very least, any excuse is a good excuse to get a little more time in with the Dreamcast.